“Das Bermuda-Dreieck der Kunst. Ein Gespräch unter Fachleuten am 17. März 1979”

The idea behind this meeting goes back to the “Video + Fernsehen” symposium of 1978. The topic emerges out of a discussion with Barbara and Michael Leisgen on the economic and social situation of many artists, who are recognized and important for contemporary art on the one hand, but whose problems of earning a livelihood and surviving on meagre incomes are repressed from the public consciousness. Artists, gallerists, and collectors are brought together here to discuss the dilemma of living and working in a “Bermuda Triangle” and to hear the experiences and responses of their counterparts. Featured artists include: Barbara and Michael Leisgen, Jochen Gerz, Ulrike Rosenbach, Philomene Magers, Rudolf Zwirner, and Wolfgang Becker. Hans Backes writes a field report on the proceedings.