Exhibition: BEEETHOOVEN! 1770–1970

December 3, 1970 to January 15, 1971. On the composer’s two-hundredth birthday, Becker collects documents associated with the Beethoven cult. Props from a fictive Beethoven House are the setting for the exhibition; these were created by different artists for the film Ludwig van (1969) by the composer Mauricio Kagel. Employing point-of-view shots, the film shows Beethoven visiting Bonn and being guided through all the rooms of his house, arranged by Joseph Beuys, Ursula Burghardt, Robert Filliou, Mauricio Kagel, Dieter Rot, and Stefan Wewerka. Other cult objects, Fluxus concerts, and rock music (“Roll over Beethoven,” featuring Kraftwerk) complement the main focus. A catalogue is published for the Exhibition.