Exhibition: Bordeaux 76/77

November 12 to December 31, 1977. The exhibition emerges out of the Second German-French Symposium in Bordeaux, held in October 1976, an event put on by the German-French Youth Association, the Centre d’Art Plastique Contemporain in Bordeaux, and the Neue Galerie Aachen. The goal of the symposium is to produce an exhibition with works inspired by discussions in Bordeaux: paintings, drawings, photographs, and site-specific environments. The exhibition is shown in Bordeaux from September 26 to October 30, 1977, and in Aachen from November 12 to December 12, 1977. The first symposium of this kind took place in Neuenkirchen in 1975. Featured artists include: Jean Claerboudt, Annette Messager, Jean-Paul Thibeau, Marcel Odenbach, and Lili Fischer. A catalogue is published to accompany the exhibition.