Exhibition: Kubisch & Plessi, Konzerte, Video, Performances, Installationen

September 22 to October 23, 1979. “For us it is important that the public sees an image that cannot be immediately codified. An already familiar object can be captured by a camera and enlarged in a detail view so that it appears as something completely new, autonomous. And this is also possible with sound: I can play a traditional instrument in an unusual way, so that the source of the sound is no longer identifiable immediately. That means naturally a readjustment of listening habits.” Christina Kubisch in discussion with Georg F. Schwarbauer and Fabrizio Plessi. Shown works include Liquid Piece (1975), Two and Two (1976/77), and Tam-Tam (1979). A video documentation is in the collection. The works are then subsequently shown at the Internationaal Cultureel Centrum in Antwerp. An exhibition catalogue is published.