Exhibition: The Puyk Group

June 13 to July 7, 1970. In 1966 the word PUYK appears on the walls of buildings in Karlsruhe. A group of high-school students is behind the action. An oppositional group of art students from Karlsruhe’s art academy takes up the word and uses it as a title for actions criticizing society. Rolf Busam, Werner Kroener, Helmut Schweizer, Manfred Weihe, and Sylvia Wieczorek belong to the group until 1968. The protagonists for the Aachen exhibition are Rolf Busam, Helmut Schweizer, and Manfred Weihe. Three weekends are devoted to putting on actions and performances, while a demonstration is held. The final result is not considered as important as the process leading to it. A catalogue is published for the Exhibition.