Exhibition: Wolf Vostell, Kunstreisen. Fluxus-Zug

April 30 to May 24, 1981. In cooperation with the Neue Galerie, numerous actions take place under the motto chosen by Vostell: “The Contradictory Route.” The accompanying program includes a series organized by Wolfgang Becker that presents films, videos, and radio plays by Vostell as well as the exhibition Kunstreisen, which provides visitors with comments on the “Fluxus Train.” With the “Fluxus Train,” Vostell succeeds in putting together a temporary museum made up of nine containers spanning a length of 125 meters, full of his works, and putting it on railway tracks for a tour through sixteen West German cities. Drawing interested and enthusiastic crowds, the nine containers of the “Fluxus Train” stop off at Aachen Main Station from May 8 to 12, 1981.