First German-French Symposium on Photo-Film-Video in Neuenkirchen

May 31 to June 21, 1975. The symposium (a result of the projects regularly conducted in the 1970s by the Neue Galerie and the German-French Youth Association) focuses on working artistically with technological media. Artists who are in the meantime well-known, such as Wolf Kahlen, Fritz Schwegler, Timm Ulrichs, Fabrizio Plessi, and the trio Hervé Fischer, Fred Forest, and Jean-Paul Thenot as Collectif d’art sociologique, experiment with the boundaries of aesthetic categorizations, often interacting directly with the local residents at the venue. The ensuing meetings of the young international art scene, 1976 in Bordeaux and 1977 in Aachen, also look to use artistic activity as a means of communication, working with the site-specific contexts but without any specific directives as to the media. The Galerie Falazik brings out a catalogue in conjunction with the event.