Editing studio for video films set up at the Museum Folkwang in Essen

By setting up an editing studio, the Folkwang in Essen becomes the first German museum to also be a location for producing video. Equipped with modern technology, the studio is also designed to serve research purposes: Cooperating with artists, scientists, and educators, with tertiary, culture, and research institutions, the studio investigates the possibilities and limits of electromagnetic image recording, or videotape. The idea is to lay the groundwork for introducing video technology into the museum itself. The studio closed in 1994. Today, the productions are digitized and processed. The exhibition Video Vision. Studiojahre 1969–1994 (2012–13) is the first presentation of the collection and recalls the beginnings of the video studio and the media experiments of the 1970s and 80s. The selection shows video works by artists produced in the Folkwang studio. A second presentation follows in 2013, Video Studio II. Licht im Schatten.