Symposium: “Performance – ein Grenzbereich zwischen bildender Kunst und Theater”

November 28 to December 10, 1978. Another artist symposium held by the DFJW in cooperation with the Neue Galerie and the Centre d’Arts Plastiques Contemporains, Bordeaux. With its program conceived by Klaus vom Bruch and Ulrike Rosenbach together with Wolfgang Becker, the symposium focuses on performance as a liminal form between art, theater, music, dance, film, painting, and sculpture. The performances put on by the young participants from all over Europe center on the intermedia aspect of ephemeral art forms, underpinned theoretically in the lectures, seminars, and discussions with the interdisciplinary expert audience and museum visitors. A video documentation of the artist symposium, put together by vom Bruch and Rosenbach under the name “Alternative-Television-Gruppe” and broadcast in 1979 by WDR, provides an insight into the details of the performances, including those by Kevin Atherton, Klaus vom Bruch, Mike Hentz, Bettina Kleinhammes, Nigel Rolfe, and Lydia Schoutten. A catalogue is published to accompany the event.