Wolfgang Becker co-curates the Ninth Biennale de Paris

The Biennale de Paris was launched in 1959 by André Malraux with the purpose of creating a meeting place for those who would define the art of the future. After a hiatus of several years, the Biennale was relaunched in 2000. The following video works shown in 1975 are in the museum’s video collection: Christian Boltanski: Souvenirs de jeunesse (1974), Michael Druks: Test No.3 (drawing) everybody’s own square (1975), Wolf Knoebel: Projektion X (1972), Jacques-Louis Nyst: L’objet (1975), Fabrizio Plessi: Operation Antwerp – Sawing the Schelde (1975), Ulrike Rosenbach: Glauben Sie nicht, dass ich eine Amazone bin (1975), Keith Sonnier: Animation II (1974).