The video Intérieur / Extérieur was created in 1979 as a commissioned work for the TV show Vidéographie, broadcast on the Belgian station RTBF from 1976 to 1986 and devoted to promoting and presenting video art. The video explores Goethe’s Theory of Colors and the artificiality of pictures. Accordingly, the work, in contrast to previous videos, is in color. A spatial arrangement is shown, made up of a stool, a table, a television monitor, a lamp, and a flower vase. The monitor presents a sunset, which is then repeated in the background as a total view and simulates a view out into nature, only to turn out, due to the lack of any sort of movement, to be a photo wall. A voice-over reads from a French translation of Goethe’s Theory of Colors. As the effects of the individual color shades, from yellow, yellow-red, red-yellow, blue, green-blue, blue-red, purple, red-blue, red, and so on through to green, are described with great sensitivity, the coloration of the picture, with the exception of the monitor, changes to fit the respective shading mentioned. Barbara and Michael Leisgen ironically take the manipulation of TV pictures with respect to their emotional impact to extremes, at the same time though expressing doubt and criticism of Goethe’s scientifically unprovable theory. His assumptions on the effects of colors, like the use of colors to deceive viewers with their exaggerated artificiality, are reduced to an absurdity.