Lotus-Knospen-Töne (Lotus-Buds-Tones, 1979) by Ulrike Rosenbach is based on a single action and focuses on details. It is made up of two elements: the face of the artist, frontally facing the camera, and the clashing of two chopsticks, which she beats together right in front of the camera, at long intervals and with a loud, abrupt clang. Besides videos that concentrate on simple and symbolic actions like this one, Rosenbach uses a number of elements repeatedly, for example closed-circuit loops and superimposing, which—themselves means to create repetition—are key components in the works. Certain materials and symbols recur, for instance the bow and arrow. In the 1980s, Rosenbach developed structures in her video works that were increasingly complex, frequently still based on performances. Superimposing and overlapping images, part of her artistic practice from the outset, takes on the character of a multilayered nesting, enabled by enhanced technological possibilities. The stereotyped constructions of femininity passed down through generations reappear, while music, sound, and rhythmical repetition are all essential features in her work.